About Us
At VICTORIAN TOURS, our focus is on luxury coach bus transportation. We provide charter services for local as well as long distance trips.. Get in touch with us today. We are in the Brooklyn NY area.

Victorian Tours is a bus company that provides quality service at rates you can afford. It is a small company in comparison to some of the other bus companies around. However, you will find that what we lack in size we make up for in quality of service, courteous behavior and professionalism. Victorian Tours has a excellent staff and our owner has been safely transporting people for over 25 years getting his people to their location on time for many years. He demands the same dedication and safety record of all his drivers. Victorian Tours has quality drivers that can transport you throughout our fine nation, from coast to coast. Safety is JOB ONE with us here at Victorian Tours.

We like to be prepared for all our charters,so we will plan the routes for your trip and go over your itinerary ahead of time. This goes a long way in making your trip run smoothly.
So come and take a ride with us and enjoy the V.I.P.treatment while you ride in comfort. Don't forget to continue exploring our website for services and links to other travel and charter bus information, for more detailed information go to
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