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Line Runs

Victorian Tours can develope line runs for you. We can provide daily service(per diem)or weekly service to Atlantic City. This service can also be setup for seasonal line service to Great Adventures.

Commuter Charters

If your organization, local community board or district board need to organize a commuter charter for your area we can work with you plan and develope one.

Corporate Commuter Charters

If your company has offices, warehouses, or factories located within the Tri-state area, we can establish a corporate commuter service for you. As many cities are encouraging carpooling and enforcing HOV lanes limitations, these runs can help cut down the amount of vehicles on the road, as well as, reducing our energy consumption and pollution. We can transport employees to and from work, provide charters to offices outside of the tri-state area, and accommodate groups for meetings and conferences.
The government, in an effort to encourage transportation programs like this, may offer incentives to participating companies.

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Sports Packages for Schools and Colleges

Victorian Tours has a wonderful track record for work with schools and universities, transporting their sports teams to local and out of town games and events. We know that confidence and safety are big factors for our young and budding stars, so when they arrive in a professionally driven coach, they can hit the courts or the fields with the peace of mind provided by the safety and comfort of our professionally driven coaches.

Pro and Semi Pro Sports

Victorian Tours has an eye on your professional and semi-professional athletic teams also. If only going to our local airports or directly to the stadium, we can get you there in comfort.
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Other Events

We also offer transportation for proms, parties, weddings, church functions, casino packages, amusement parks, long distance charters, airport services, ski trips and more...
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